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About us
The Cooperman Company is a second-generation family business, committed to traditional craftsmanship and innovative design. Introduced in 1961, Cooperman’s toys, games, and small musical instruments were among the first educational children’s products available for historical sites. Our firm has continued to serve this market as well as the broader commercial gift market with quality crafted items for both children and adults. We are especially sensitive to the needs of our museum clients for authenticity in design and presentation, having 42 years of experience in working with curators and other museum professionals in the development of new product or the adaptation of existing products.

Cooperman has two facilities in New England with 30 crafts persons on staff, and in addition to our open market line, we can take your individual project in house from the idea stage to the packaged product stage. Please contact us for licensing, contract packaging, or name dropping projects.

About HistoryLives

The goal of the Cooperman Company, for over 42 years, has been to provide as much educational information as we can with each of our products to improve the experience of the consumer, and to aid our client shops in placing our products in the context of their individual museum missions and collections. We expanded this mission a few years ago when we introduced our HistoryLives ™ signature group of products. These products include on their packaging insert a call-out that encourages the consumer to seek out more information from specific books and non-commercial websites, where available.

Many of our items now have the HistoryLives packaging, and more will be added as the year progresses.

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